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February to June: New Math FUNdamentals Club - Grades 5-8
Sat, Feb 1 at 3:30pm: Practicing and Performance Workshop (CM&M Music Students)
Mon, Feb 17: Closed for Family Day
Sun, Mar 1 from 12-6pm: Student Show at Drums'N'Flats (CM&M Music Students)
Mon-Fri, Mar 16-20: March Break Camp
*Music Lessons - Closed for March Break
Sat, Apr 4 from 6-8pm: Danny Brooks Blues Show (CM&M Music Students)
*from Texas, USA

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2019 Award Winner!

Thank you for voting us as the #1 Music School and your favorite Tutoring School in the Readers' Choice Awards!

Success Story

Three of our students (The Big 3) and their Parents talk about the benefits and enjoyment of our Award-Winning Music Program.

Free Music Lesson

Free Sample Lesson

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Music Lessons

Check out how Creative Math & Music programs get results and make learning fun for our students! Guitar, Drum, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals & more! Sign up here


Math FUNdamentals Club

Our award-winning tutoring program has been well-received by students, parents and schools. We can improve your marks and confidence. Sign up here

Music Camps

Have fun at our award-winning children's music camps; learn more about musical instruments, play in a band, write a song and perform on stage with your friends! Click here to Sign up here


Adult Jam Club

Adult Jam Club

The late Levon Helm of "The Band" said it best,"I had all the music lessons I could ask for jamming with others"! Come and Jam with us! Sign up here

Children's Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Celebrate your next birthday in style! Invite your friends in to have a blast, learn more about music, divide into bands and rock out on stage! Sign up here


CM&M School Music Programs

School Programs

Local school classrooms learn more about songwriting with a MATHEMATICS spin! Program Overview

Retirement Residence Music Therapy Programs

Retirement Homes

Sing-a-long of "Oldies Songs" with a Songwriting SPIN! Program Overview