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Math Tutoring Success

Our award-winning tutoring program has been well-received by students, parents and the schools. We have an immediate impact by improving your marks and confidence in mathematics! Our experienced teachers offer alternative perspectives on problems and step-by-step solutions in order to prepare students for homework, tests and exams. Our math program is designed to be hands on with your current activity, focusing on areas where the student needs help.

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Our tutoring program is designed for Elementary Students (Gr 1-8), High School Students (Gr 9-12) and Adult Students.

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GRADES 1-8 (Elementary)

Through fun games, puzzles and real life activities! Our program will allow the student to work on their current homework and also improve on fundamental math skills.

  • $40 per 1.5 hour group/class session (weekly)
  • Multiplication Tables, Word Problems, Fractions, Integers, Patterning, Geometry, Measurement
  • Money Concepts
  • Test prep, homework, organization and how to study

GRADES 9-12 (High School)

We focus on the school math curriculum and the student’s homework, test preparation and assignments.

  • flexible date offerings throughout the week and weekend
  • $40/1-hour private session for a weekly set date ($160/month for 4 sessions)

Testimonial: "Creative Math and Music have been a part of my girls' lives for a number of years......They have been a very important support system - especially in math......I am a huge fan of CMM and their staff." More Testimonials here!

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