Christmas Time Upon Us

© Bob Spencer

Capo 2nd Fret – Key of Bm                      Spencer


Christmas time upon us

Singing merry tunes

Children’s eyes are shining  

Like walking on the moon


Christmas chimes ring loudly

Playful boys and girls

Snowflakes strobe around me  

Peace and Love on earth


Bridge…”Peace and Love”…Am-C-G-D


Way up high, the reindeer fly

Santa’s sleigh, the Milky Way

Candy canes and choo choo trains

Mistletoe and Love…                     

Mistletoe and Love



Christmas cheer and laughter

Tidings of great joy

Presents wrapped with ribbons

Filled games and toys


Christmas eve is here now

Gather round the tree

Stockings on the fireplace

Children with big dreams

Repeat Bridge…”big dreams”

Repeat Chorus 2X