Music Lessons

Hi bob.
Your such a role model for this generation.
Reo's mum had nothing but good things to say about u and was very happy that I referred her to you. Thank you for your kindness he was so happy to c Shianne on Saturday. You will be blessed for your kindness and support to them.
See u soon.  Melanie 

Music Lessons (Shows)

Thank you Bob for all the hard work you put into these shows. Please also thank all of your amazing teachers who dedicate their time and energy to these young students. Yes, it was one of the best shows yet. I really look forward to Ribfest in June. I think these festivals are a great way to spread the word about what a great place CM&M is. Deb and Colin M

Music Lessons

Hi Joanne. I just wanted to thank you and Bob for all of the hard work you do to run the company, and for the time you spend organizing and putting on the shows like at the Ajax bar. They mean a lot to Justin, myself, and John.  THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!!!    Heather, John and Justin :)


I want to thank your wonderful team for helping in making my girl's 5th birthday special. The kids all enjoyed it and several parents commented how much fun it was. Thank you again for the opportunity to host a party there. I look forward to many more musical opportunities to engage my children with your great staff.

Music Events

My thanks to you and the team at CM&M for giving my girls such a great opportunity. We are excited to be part of such a wonderful group of people. Melissa

The residents here at Traditions of Durham love when Bob comes in to entertain them.  Bob interacts with the residents and it makes for a wonderful hour of music nostalgia for them. Melanie Leroux, Lifestyle Consultant

Music Camps

Dear Bob and Mike,

Thank you so much for Rock Band camp.  Abby had a great time! She enjoyed the many activites throughout the week, and especially all the time available to play guitar and learn from others.  She felt very comfortable at the camp and not too old.  The staff were a lot of fun and very good with all the campers.  We may see you again over the summer too!

Sincerely,  Alison

Math Tutoring

....As you know - I'm big on giving support where needed......CM & M i.e. Creative Math and Music have been a part of my girls' lives for a number of years......They have been a very important support system - especially in math.......I am a huge fan of CMM and their staff.

If your child will be falling behind due to the strike - I would strongly recommend CMM...please give them a call and talk to Bob Spencer - discuss your concerns and I guarantee he will help you/your child.

If you have any questions - feel free to email or text me - otherwise call Bob directly......at the end of the day......it's all about the kids :)

Regards, Debra

Music Lessons

In Durham Region there isn’t much in our school system for the creative music types.  I call Creative Math & Music lifesavers.   My son is a smart kid, but he doesn’t like school (understatement). What he loves are computers and more than that he loves music, particularly rock music and thrives in the band/group format that Creative Math & Music provides. 

The fact that every week he and “his band”  learn new songs almost every week and do performances, this is what my son lives for. He has been with them for almost 3 years and I have to say that my 12 year old son is a very good guitarist.  The teachers are fantastic, reliable and very knowledgeable.   They make it fun.  

In the past he has been to different places but when we found CM &Music’s rock group format he was elated.   He now volunteers his time at the school’s Rock Camps and just loves it.   It is by far the best place around for any kid who wants to really learn how to play and be in a band.  

As a music publicist with over twenty years in the music industry I’m careful what I endorse and Creative Math and Music gets my highest rating for a music school. A+++++     ….Sue

Music Lessons

I think you’re amazing! You’ve created such a fun engaging confident environment and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! When Aiden walks into CM&M, his confidence elevates and he feels such a part of a great community!

Last night was incredible! Not only did you have a fun night planned but with Nick not being there, you gathered the team to get Aiden ready for his original song performance and he was beaming with such pride after! It is such an incredible environment, an environment that I appreciate so much!

Just wanted to reach out with a sincere thanks for all that you’ve done for Aiden, years past and years to come!


Highly recommend this program-Ella is LOVING it.

Music Lessons and Camps

Cam Is a different kid since joining Creative Math & Music. He LOVES it!!


First of all I would like to thank you and your staff for organizing our beach party. All the teenagers were amazing and made us felt so comfortable that day. My daughter was nervous at first but one of the girls at the desk and Matt, who I believe is one of the teachers, were simply amazing. I am so glad we are part of you guys as compare to big places like long and maquade. I showed my daughter’s Video playing guitar to my friend from the beach party. She lives in Scarborough and is willing to drive her son for Drum lessons. I would appreciate of you can provide lesson information regarding Drums.

Summer Rock Camp

Amazing Rock Camp experience! Fantastic teachers and laid back atmosphere. Xavier is excited to begin music lessons in September. Thanks so much for giving him such a fun introduction to music!

Music Lessons

My daughter has progressed so fast on the guitar, writing music and singing. The instructor even asks her what she wants to play. She used to be so shy. Now she has loads of confidence! Thank-you for all you do.

Music Lessons

Being a musician, I get it! Why wasn't their a music school like this when I was a kid. My son is doing great. He looks up to his teacher. He not only learns guitar techniques, but learns more about groove, feel, tone, timing and phrasing. He is having so much fun and practices everyday.

Parties and Shows

Thank-you for the wonderful family Christmas Party. The kids had so much fun playing ball hockey in the morning, the pizza lunch and performing music on stage. You have created a great atmosphere for my children. I never imagined they would be rocking on stage after starting lessons 3 months ago. The smile on their faces was priceless! They also loved the Halloween Party!

Music Lessons

My mother was caring for my boys yesterday and she told me how you invited my son in to play the drums with you. My mother was really impressed and it was nice for her to see where her grandson takes his lessons. We’re so glad we enrolled him at Creative Math & Music as he is loving the drums. He has been involved in many types of programs but music is the one that he really seems to have a passion for and it is great to see him so happy when he goes over for lessons.

Math Tutoring

I also have to tell you, my daughter got her final exam marks back and she scored the second highest in her class – 90% beaten only by another student who scored 99%!  That brings her overall Math mark up to 80% for the year (from the 65% she was averaging in the second term)! Amazing results! Thank you for all your time and effort.  She has even said she’s starting to really like Math!

Summer Camps and Music Lessons

Wow, what a great performance at Grizzlys. My son has performed 4 or 5 times this year and now loves it on stage infront of people and walks away pumped up after evey show. He looks forward to rocking out in the summer at a camp. Thanks for a great year!

Music Lessons

What a refreshing experience from our son's previous lessons. My son is having a blast with the other kids and we appreciate the cool vibe you guys create. He has met many friends and has improved by playing with the other students. The full hour is fantastic. No more traditional 1/2 hour private lessons for us.

Math Tutoring

Ever since I have brought my children to your studio for math tutoring, they have much more confidence in math and have improved their overall marks by a grade. They take a combined math and music program and really enjoy the reward of a music lesson after the tutoring session.

Birthday Parties

What an amazing party! The kids had a blast rockin' on stage at the end, performing a cool song. My son wants to have his again next year. When we left he was so excited saying, that was the best party I ever had. Other parents are still raving about it. He is the talk of his class.

Music Lessons

The last music school was all about learning notes and scales out of a book to fill a 1/2 hour. My daughter was bored and not practicing. Within 2 months at Creative Math & Music, she is enjoying the full hour music lesson and has learned to sequence chords and play her favorite songs. What a different spin on learning. In every lesson, they also manage to introduce new fundamental theory. She is so happy and so are we!