Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are your lessons different than other music schools?

A: Creative Math & Music's studios are designed to create a cool vibe for our students. Our regular music lessons are 1 full hour, teaching fundamental and advanced skills. The students have FUN meeting other kids, writing songs, learning to play their favorite songs, working on timing, feel and performance. We offer a Free Lesson

upfront, prior to any signing, for you to experience this unique atmosphere and find out why we are the talk of Durham! Our students learn in a safe, comfortable, and socially interactive setting. We also offer 1/2-hour private music lessons, like other traditional music schools.

Q: Where is your location?

Creative Math & Music is located in Pickering (at Brock Rd and 401), covering Pickering, Ajax and Scarborough and Whitby. Check our About for maps and other information

Q: Can you tell me more about your teachers?

A: Every year, we receive many applications for teaching positions. Our teachers are carefully selected, police checked, and trained on teaching techniques and communicating with children and parents. The teachers are young, energetic, strong communicators and stars, passing on their skills and experiences to our students! A very appreciative comment from many parents is "your teachers are a great role model for our children".

Q: How does the math and music work?

A: At Creative Math & Music, we run separate programs for Math and Science Tutoring and Music Lessons.There are strong parallels as to how you learn math and music when it comes to sound, rhythm, timing and patterns. In order to learn music, you need to focus, practice through repetition and be prepared for your next performance. Now that sounds a lot like a good strategy on learning math, but instead of a performance there's a test! Music starts at age 4 and up. Math Tutoring is for all grades. 

Q: Can you help my children who continue to struggle in math?

A: Yes, learning mathematics is all about confidence! You gain confidence by learning and understanding basic fundamental skills and applying these skills through practicing multiple questions and word problems. Once you have the confidence, math will be easier and that confidence will be reflected in your marks. Our Math Tutoring Program follows the Ontario curriculum closely. We interact with the students on their current homework and classroom lectures to help them prepare for their upcoming quizzes, tests, assignments and exams. This focus gives the student a noticeable boost of confidence and marks.

Q: Does my child need a musical background for the camps?

A: Musical background is not necessary. In fact, the Music Camps are a great opportunity for a new musician to learn an instrument. The first day we divide our campers into bands, based on their musical level and age. The bands choose a name, pick their "cover" songs, and learn more about how to write a song. During the Music Camp week, the rockers learn more about their instruments, work up the songs with their band and perform a concert on stage under the lights. In between the jamming, we have fun games and activities for the kids, including morning icebreakers, a scavenger hunt, games and tournaments.

Q: Is 8 yrs old a good age for a Rock'n'Roll Birthday party?

A:Absolutely, your child will have a great experience and will be the talk of the town! Every weekend we run Birthday Parties at our Pickering Studio. The kids have a blast at these musical Birthday Parties, dividing into bands, picking a band name and working up their act for a show at the end of the party, on stage under the lights. The parents of the rockers come back at the end of the party to see the show. They are amazed how these kids, after only 2 hours, with little or no musical background, are on stage rocking out!


Q: Do I need to own a guitar, keyboard or drums to take lessons?

A: No, you don't require instruments to start lessons, especially in our kickstart program. However, we recommend that when you focus on an instrument, you have one at home to practice on. As far as drums go, students can start by using a practice pad. This is an inexpensive rubber pad that that is used for practicing basic drum rudiments and rhythms. It is also quieter than a full drum kit :)

Q: What is the right starting age for music lessons?

A: We have a fantastic kickstart program where children can start at 4 years old. This program is designed for kids to gain exposure to all instruments (guitar, keyboards, drums, voice) working on fundamental skills, rhythm/timing and performance. We also have adult students (20, 30, 40 & 50 years old) who want to play popular songs for the campfire. We have lots of seniors who want to learn to play Guitar or Keyboards!

Q: How long does it take to learn an instrument?

A: There is no set answer as to how long it takes to learn an instrument. With a regular practice schedule, a basic level of playing can be accomplished in a few months. Most of our Music students take lessons on a long term basis because they want to keep improving and they find that they are enjoying our lesson style and our teachers.

Q: Can I help my children practice?

A: Yes, even if you don't have a musical background, you can review a practice schedule with your child's teacher. Practicing 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week to start, the student will make good progress. Parents are welcome to drop in at the end of the lesson.